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Testimonials and Recommendations

"Improving business process and demonstrating tangible return on investment are two great assets which Steve always delivers. He has a great knack for making advanced technology easy for users to utilize. Additionally, he is very thoughtful about clearly explaining the benefits of investing in technology to management and business partners. He is a trusted individual for anything technology related and I would not hesitate to involve him in any project, small or large."  Kevin Neal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Imaging Products Group (IPG), Fujitsu

“I worked with Steve Noe for many years at IKON. His professionalism and extensive knowledge of our software and services were second to none in our organization. He was a tremendous asset to me and was a significant driver of my success in selling IKON's complete portfolio of solutions including Professional Services.”

Mark Darrell, Senior Major Account Sales Executive, IKON Office Solutions

"Stephen is a strong communicator with excellent presentation and technical skills. I am especially impressed with his ability to breakdown a complex process into smaller manageable steps by using some of the best tools the industry has to offer. Stephen has done a great job in helping my team in automating the imaging of the Manufacturer Payable's documents into the Fortis imaging system. I personally enjoy working with Stephen and find him to be a hard working individual and an incredible asset to the AutoNation Corporation."

Jose Correa Manager Database Systems at AutoNation, Inc.

“Steve and I collaborated many times on several projects while I was at AutoNation. A great resource and always eager to assist when we needed his involvement, I would highly recommend Steve as a diligent and contributing team player for any potential employer that would be considering his services.”  

Bill Fleming, Sales Engineer at Wyse Technology

“I worked with Stephen on various projects and he was always diligent and provided top notch service. He not only performed his duties well but was always looking to improve processes and paid strong attention to detail.”

Robert Mandelbaum, Manager, Data Integration, AutoNation, Inc.

“It was always a pleasure to work with Stephen in my time at AutoNation. When we worked together on the upgrade project to SQL server 2008 he was always very thorough in his testing and had a lot of good suggestions. We implemented some of the new features in SQL 2008 and he quickly mastered the new concepts despite having never worked with them before. Also, he is a real pleasure to work with and is a very good communicator. He constantly provided updates and progress reports and was essential in performing the successful upgrade to the new platform. I would highly recommend him to anyone for any project.”

Sydney Croud, Lead Database Administrator, L-3 Titan