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Business Process Management Services (BPMS)

Business Process Management is more than just a catch phrase or new “in” thing for companies to do.  Business process analysis and management has been defined since the 1700’s.  Analysing HOW things get done in order to make a shorter path to completion is now being adopted as business critical objective.  Every company who doesn’t know their processes is likely to be throwing money and time away.  Understanding your company’s processes is the first step to realizing there are areas of opportunity available to you now.  To help you navigate the process of understanding your business we offer our services.  Please select the example business process situations to view a typical engagement.

Example Business Process Management situation 1.

Example Business Process management situation 2.

Business Process Architect Services (BPAS)

A document strategy is the "map" of an information process that charts the flow of documents between people and departments according to the stages of its lifecycle, including information capture, management, distribution and storage. Understanding and assessing that "map" is the first step toward improving productivity and reducing cost within your organization.

I specialize in business process re-engineering.   Your company may be re-engineering for compliance or simply because your headcount or cost have driven your company to look for a solution.  Often times solutions can be immediately realized merely with the resources your already have on hand.  The goal is to evaluate your resources and how to best fit them together to:

1. Achieve your goal of lower overall cost for business process.

2. Utilize your resources on hand in order to avoid a capitol budget outlay.

I work with you to clearly define objectives and recognize your assets and how they can work together to provide a viable solution.  

We've helped clients literally save millions of dollars by analysing and reallocating resources.  

Give us a call to discuss how we can help - 469-645-2974.