Company Merger

Situation:  Company A merges with Company B.  Although the output of both companies is the same, each company has a different way of performing business process to support the product.

Goal:  Enable both companies to work together seamlessly and establish standards.


When Company A merged with Company B, the new company found itself managing a host of different operating models… business processes… and applications.  To realize the value of the merger, they needed to increase transparency and improve efficiency, while still ensuring process compliance.  

We worked closely with both companies to identify the best processes, and by doing so, let go of the duplicates and inefficiencies.  We created a process repository using reference models built on industry best practice. Which meant the newly merged company can quickly start realizing the benefits of the merger.

We helped establish an end-to-end BPM strategy as well as the governance and operation of its process models.  We addressed the company’s immediate needs and go further – harnessing BPM to help them achieve longer-term goals.

To make sure their new efficient, standardized approach to BPM is adopted consistently, we helped set up BPM Standards of Excellence methodology.  Which gives the company A single internal source of high quality BPM services.  We also helped the company select a new technology platform.  One platform that would unite their processes under a single standard.  

By teaming with Noe Consulting, the company has a powerful new capability - one that supports their pursuit of high performance. With a new BPM platform, Standards of Excellence methodology and strategy, the company now has a ‘process of process management’ in place together with the ability to continuously improve its BPM practices.

Noe Consulting helps instil a value driven approach to BPM, enabling the two companies to merge seamlessly and work together transparently and efficiently.