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Core Competencies


Process Improvements

Budget Planning and Cost Control

Risk Management/Mitigation

Project Leadership

Client Relations

Business Process Analysis

Department Strategic Planning

Quality Control

Document Workflow

Additional Associations


Document Management and Business Process Systems:  

Sequence Kinetics/PNMSoft, OpenText, Appian, Westbrook Technologies Fortis, Westbrook Technologies ApproveIT, ADP DMS, EMC² Documentum AX, Kofax Capture Enterprise, Kofax Transformation Module, Zylab, iGrafx Process for Six Sigma, iGrafx Process Central, eCopy SSOP, EFI/Fiery, Adobe LiveCycle, Equitrac, Objectif Lune - Planet Press, Paradatec AIDA/Prokey, Microsoft Reporting Services, Microsoft SQL Server & Transact SQL, Microsoft SSIS & DTS.

Of all the core competencies the one which makes the most difference is Project leadership.  Your project, whether large or small, deserves the best opportunity for success.  Most, if not all, large projects have a lot of moving parts and people who are keys to success.

Experience in deciphering what is relevant to project success and what is not is absolutely essential. Noe Consulting and it’s associates keep your project on point, on track and on budget.  Keeping a cheerful attitude and focusing on client relations is paramount while keeping that focused edge which get’s projects done.  

Finding areas of opportunity  through careful analysis is essential to breaking the bottlenecks.  I will approach the solution using the lowest common denominator without risky changes.  High risk changes are warranted at times but only if there is a solid, provable return on investment for a capital outlay from your budget.  

After the project is complete we must see quality in the change and maintain quality improvements through your company change management.  Follow up consulting to look for further changes often is a good way to reflect on the success and look for more opportunities to save on your bottom line.

Noe Consulting has many Associations with leading manufacturers and software developers to help with your solution.